Mountebank is a band from Austin, TX making music combining elements of garage rock, indie folk, and singer-songwriter based arrangements pinned by the occasional behind-the-head guitar solo. Music. Shows. About. Lyrics. Pictures. Video. Live Video. Contact. <33

Old Weed

 Don't care to hear the latest news—
 You can keep the change but can you sense this mood
    coming through?
It's been real nice looking past this dead-faced glare for a wide-eyed gut reaction;
Moments like these can't be denied
  Yet still you'll try.

You found yourself in Prague yet still I'm not so sure
    that you've found me.
I see you're at the window so I go and lock the door— 
 Does that constitute a dick move?
 Through this facebook post won't you take your toll?
Bankrupt my Social Capital.

Humbling statement followed by a lowbrow reprisal
      The group approval to which you're entitled.

Why can't we stay good friends online?
 ...Or was that a slight

Perhaps I've jumped the shark in trying to be kind

Just when I thought we'd end up fine

Your cousin's weed won't get me high.