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OKAY— so we haven’t had a proper update since AR; partly because every second we aren’t sleeping we are either driving or talking to as many people as we can manage and partly because on the off days we’ve gotten to explore I’ve made it a point to keep my phone away from my central experience.

“Everybody thinks it’s their cell phone lighting yankee stadium” is a sentiment I find myself echoing in principle a lot on this trip and I assure you I apologize for any subsequent administrative absence.

Sometimes you just wanna mainline the right now and not be stuck anywhere else.

That’s been a huge beautiful nugget to swallow/learn on this go around— every second pulls you to exactly where you are in that moment.

You may not remember where you are, what city you’re in, or whose house you’re at but the moment you’re in always feels crucial.

I’ll try and get to the specifics later on, just know we’ve been safe and well and day dreaming of you each night <33