Another filthy Austin band cashing in our drink tokens and falling in love all too quickly. Garage rock//alternative//indie folk • Hippie Crippler • "Borne on an Elliott Smith cusp, with a moon rising in Cat Stevens/Tea for the Tillerman winsome pop." —Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Austin Music Minute • live • original • lyrics • sxsw • videos • shows • tour • album • EP • podcasts • twitter • instagram

Indie ROCK // Garage FOLK

Another filthy Austin band cashing in our drink tokens and falling in love all too quickly.

We formed in 2016 after having played in several other bands for years; The Hand of Fate slapped all those projects around a bit but thankfully we are way into that kind of thing.

    That and biting.

Driven by conversational, often sardonic lyrics, heavily stylized rhythmic idiosyncrasies, and an unruly sense of self destruction, we will be attempting to jump over the Springfield Gorge that is your heart. There is a good possibility we will plunge to our bloody death.

Thank you.

Michael Valle - guitars, vocals
Alex Lopez - bass, vocals
Alex Alcocer - drums, synth, vocals


“Astrological chart reference, for whatever it’s worth: Borne on an Elliott Smith cusp, with a moon rising in Cat Stevens/Tea for the Tillerman winsome pop.

You’re enveloped by something poignant and equal parts elated taking a flying leap, while shredding and pounding out trippy folk-rock hues. These are the cakes on the tea menu. Order in abundance.”

"While the new folk-influenced [outfit] who go by [Mountebank] certainly don't need to use deception to gain an audience, they are flamboyant and light-hearted, which shines through definitively in their music.

Their debut EP
Mountebank: Live From Lake Wobegon [...] straddles elements of outlaw country, post-pop, and garage rock.

The glue holding this tapestry of influences together is the positivity and joviality found in the DNA of the group that makes their charm irresistible."


"Like getting stoned alone."


Thank you so much for your time  🙏

Thank you so much for your time 🙏