Another filthy Austin band cashing in our drink tokens and falling in love all too quickly. Garage rock//alternative//indie folk • Hippie Crippler • "Borne on an Elliott Smith cusp, with a moon rising in Cat Stevens/Tea for the Tillerman winsome pop." —Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Austin Music Minute • live • original • lyrics • sxsw • videos • shows • tour • album • EP • podcasts • twitter • instagram

Feast of Friends episode 1 - "Pilot"

A podcast by a band from Austin, TX. Not a music pod, not a comedy pod. Dear God what have we done.

The boys talk pants, Mario, the origins of the band, and the dangers of rushing into a public restroom. Will there be more of these? Let's find out.

Next show is August 29th, 10pm at Empire Control Room

Special guest Stephen Phrequency comes on board for the first of what we're all sure will be many pop-ins.

this cast is anchored thanks to
photo by Robert Hein @lowkeythelowlife