Another filthy Austin band cashing in our drink tokens and falling in love all too quickly. Garage rock//alternative//indie folk • Hippie Crippler • "Borne on an Elliott Smith cusp, with a moon rising in Cat Stevens/Tea for the Tillerman winsome pop." —Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Austin Music Minute • live • original • lyrics • sxsw • videos • shows • tour • album • EP • podcasts • twitter • instagram

Feast of Friends - "The Gang Teaches You How to Disarm a Racist"

What more could we possibly say? and yet despite this we manage to find an hour five this week
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next show —> Mohawk Austin September 8th for Southpaw Sonata's EP release

Special guest Stephen Phrequency hacks into the main frame via tele-psychosis to update you on the boys. This man is not well!

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photo by Robert Hein @lowkeythelowlife