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As some of you may know,

we’ve been taking some time off to re-work the set and get our minds/hearts right after fully transitioning into a three piece.

Alco has been touring his solo-set and getting his due recognition for his efforts; Lopez just returned from an extremely personal, revelatory month of studying abroad; I myself have been strong-armed by circumstance into buckling down and whipping my lazy, stoner ass into shape by staying up ‘til 5am playing guitar and running melodies before/after work. My boss loves me.

We can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on, both the reworking of the old and the christening of the new. To celebrate we are going to release a song we’ve recorded ourselves called “Babble”— consider it an ode to conversational downfalls ;;)

Like a tomato ready to burst; A barreling eventuality; you have been invited.