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No Names

The cost was high but now it's spent
  I know that it's not right
    Hard to accept that it came and went
      before we could realize

    That you were not prepared//It wasn't fair
   You'd been obscured
  But now we're hanging around your door
And we can't make a sound
     There's no fighting truth.

Did you think that this was cake and balloons?
No chance you blacked out just a little too soon?
You tell me once a month at least that you're through with it
    But now you're hugging the sidewalk close.

These crooked stairs, six steps in pairs
You fell down the entire flight
Let's burn this bridge— Who even cares?
Architecturally sound advice.
To watch just who you crossed was
never entertained
  And now we're dancing around your
 name because it feels like a grave
It's a frightening


And now we'll never know why ||
   You fucking did what you did
      like you always do

Did you think that this was cake and balloons?
Not Nancy Reagan coming armed to the tooth
  I'm not sure what my stupid face has to do with it
  but you insist it's a problem and puke on the car ride home.

"No Names" live on Austin Uncharted