Another filthy Austin band cashing in our drink tokens and falling in love all too quickly. Garage rock//alternative//indie folk • Hippie Crippler • "Borne on an Elliott Smith cusp, with a moon rising in Cat Stevens/Tea for the Tillerman winsome pop." —Laurie Gallardo, KUTX Austin Music Minute • live • original • lyrics • sxsw • videos • shows • tour • album • EP • podcasts • twitter • instagram

A Sun May Rise//But a Daughter Never Knows

You said I ruined all I touch, you slammed that door right in my face
I used your kindness as a crutch to help me stand in place
Made me feel like I'm worse than scum
You put a curse on me in a foreign tongue while
My balance falters and your contention proven right.

If I'm so full of it why do I feel so empty?

Got caught out running with just a bit too much to hide
The same blows that broke me are the same that broke my stride
I once was a good boy but now that value has lost its face;
Once was my father's son but now that's not the case.

If I'm so full of it why do I feel so empty?
If I'm so full of it

Staggering onward towards oblivion//Biding our time with small talk and chattering

Arrogant — compelled by some stupid whim//To placate our minds//And alter the narrative.

All we are//This consciousness wrapped in skin//"You'll never believe the results to this quiz" all while being torn limb from limb.

Staggering towards Oblivion.