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Window Seat (Emergency Exit)

So it goes, I'm on my way home
It's OK to feel down, it's just a knot in my throat—
I'm fine.
I've got this fountain of memories floating on the banks of my mind.
I know it seems like I'm going to blow, I'm sorry that I'm sitting beside you
 Though I'm sure your grandkids would love to know that you almost got some puke on your shoes
It's not a matter of fact, but just a matter of this high altitude
  I will find a way to get back to you soon.

It's just so hard for me to unwind
I wish I hadn't dropped
Fifty bucks at JFK and most of ten hours time—   and what's the deal with nothing?                        It's really making me sick
  The way you speak and how the crust forms on the side of your lips
The get out is planned out except I'm stuck in the aisle.

A denial.

Oh me, oh my!
Why would you wanna do that when you could own some cool boots??//What a score!!!//I know this place by the abandoned strip mall, or is it closer to the bookstore….
 I'm sorry— I'm not sure why I just told you all that, guess I haven't really flown much before.

             Can you tell?

When the cabin's dimmed I'm holding in my breath to fight this weight from going
  Down//we go in the ocean
     A slap in the face comes to greet you.
Faulty flotation devices, clutching on for
Our lives spin out so carelessly— Should we have left our fucking seats upright?

I will find a way to get back to you, who cares if that means coming home soon?
  I'm not exactly "qualified" to act as pilot.
It's hard enough to get friends you've known for years to call you back sometimes
  And now my cell phone's reaching a flatline.

So it goes, I'm on my way home
And if my flight should go down be sure to go through my notes.
You'll find that I was planning this trip all along
I was ready the whole time.
I guess it was what it was.