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OKAY— so we haven’t had a proper update since AR; partly because every second we aren’t sleeping we are either driving or talking to as many people as we can manage and partly because on the off days we’ve gotten to explore I’ve made it a point to keep my phone away from my central experience.

“Everybody thinks it’s their cell phone lighting yankee stadium” is a sentiment I find myself echoing in principle a lot on this trip and I assure you I apologize for any subsequent administrative absence.

Sometimes you just wanna mainline the right now and not be stuck anywhere else.

That’s been a huge beautiful nugget to swallow/learn on this go around— every second pulls you to exactly where you are in that moment.

You may not remember where you are, what city you’re in, or whose house you’re at but the moment you’re in always feels crucial.

I’ll try and get to the specifics later on, just know we’ve been safe and well and day dreaming of you each night <33

A general word

The drive has been largely beautiful. Every time I want to give in to the weight of my lids the pure scenic adventure of it all pulls my cricked neck back up at attention. I think I’m falling in love all over again.
With any luck each of us are doing the very same.

We miss Declan.

It’s hard out here knowing we are missing a limb. You can’t help but wonder “what good is Voltron without it’s whole right arm?”

Turns out still pretty effective.

But all the same, each of us regular viewers know the truth— lucky for these saps out here on the road they have no A/B comparison to know better.


I’m here, tipsy, at the hotel bar in Little Rock as the Alexi grab a bite to eat; I’ve sated the beast on two packs of Top Ramen, happy to be pushing the envelope of broke-king contentment by pulling each penny out of my pocket like a bent tooth.

Balling on a budget? more like being broke on a budget. But even still this has been what I already recognize as a pivotal experience in mine and each of our lives.

(to double back a couple beats) Though it’s hard not to miss Dex on each inside joke, every show, & all the intensive GTA V rampage sessions, I had been joking with Austin from Sherry that since the three of us (Alexi & myself) have been playing together for 15+ years it’s probably pretty beneficial that we sort out some of these old, festering, friendship-fueled resentments-and-the-like on our own before we fully subject Declan to that— as with any joke the punch is based on truth.

If sometimes you can’t hear me it’s because sometimes I’m in parenthesis.

Sorry, had to type out that Steven Wright bit as it played to what is, besides me and a paused GTA V screen, an empty hotel room at the four points in Little Rock, AR.

On a more serious note it’s really been so fun out here and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything.

One time the police stopped me for speeding and said ‘the speed limit is 55 miles an hour’ and I said ‘I know, but I wasn’t going to be out that long’.

Ok, last time— I promise.

I think the last thing I remember getting addicted to before this was that orange/red, Mexican spice-power that my mom used to keep in the cupboard before she realized I was putting a hole in my stomach.

Right now I’m having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time.

Alright. That one seems all too relevant. I think I’m gonna be up all night.